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Clean Energy Holdings, our team, and our platform partners offer a variety of services to bring your green energy project to profitable operation.

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Whether it is for development costs or project construction, we can find the financing that is  needed. 

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Getting the project on paper is the first step.  Site plans and project layouts prepare your project for engineering. 

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When the project is ready to build, we make that happen using the finest construction firms in the world.

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Energy projects require continuing maintenance to operate at peak efficiency.  We strive to maintain projects to maximize your returns.

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We can secure special use permits, building permits, and all the studies needed to get to construction.

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Our engineering parters examine all the details and produce construction plans that lead to profitable operation. 

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You don’t need to know how to operate a wind farm,  a solar farm, or a hydrogen production unit. Our experts do it for you.


Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

We can secure virtual PPA’s that help obtain financing while insuring a reasonable return on your project investment.


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Power Sales

We are spearheading the efforts to use behind-the-meter energy for hydrogen production and we sell power to the grid.

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Whether it’s parts, tools, or special components, we can get them manufactured to the correct specifications for your project.

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Our partners at Bair Energy LLC provide program management and construction management services to all our clients.

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Direct Power Purchase Agreements

We can develop Direct PPA’s to feed corporate needs for energy while ensuring stable income over time.

Credible. Flexible. Capable.

Clean Energy Holdings, our team, and our platform partners can take your viable project from any stage of development to profitable operation.

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