Clean Energy Holdings obtains projects in many ways including purchasing development rights from other developers, partnering with other developers to bring projects to fruition, and acquiring property and developing projects ourselves.  We have vetted a long list of projects for our pipeline and are focussing on three at the moment. Below you will find some basic information on these three.  Additional information is available to qualified investors.

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Clear Fork, Texas

The Clear Fork Texas Project is a solar powered green hydrogen production operation.  The gas will be liquified on site for shipment.  The project is located near the town of Sylvester, Texas.

  • The core project is an electrolyzer system to produce about 33,000kg/day green hydrogen (H2)
  • The Project will utilize solar power from a 250MW solar facility that is fully behind the meter, with the option to connect to the grid and expand to 1GW of solar power
  • Land has been secured and water is available on-site
  • The project site is strategically located to add wind turbines for additional power generation, which will help even out the renewables production curve
  • The hydrogen  liquefaction system will partially rely on natural gas, aided by on-site deposits. The natural gas footprint will be off-set by the purchase of renewable energy credits

Front end engineering and design is now underway and long lead time equipment will soon be ordered.  An ofttaker has come forward and signed a letter of intent to purchase all of the hydrogen from the project.  Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2023 and operations to begin by the end of 2024.

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Clear Creek, Colorado

Also known as Highland Park, Phase I, the Clear Creek Project is primarily a wind powered green hydrogen production operation although a solar component will be included.  The project is located near Georgetown, Colorado.  The photo shows a superimposed wind turbine that will be visible from Interstate 70, can you find it?  This project has been under development by our associates at Clear Creek Power.  The turbines will be located high on the mountain while the hydrogen production facility will be located near the community of Georgetown.  The core project involves 200 MW of wind power expandable to 600MW in a subsequent phase.

  • It will produce around 35,000kg/day of hydrogen..
  • The project has control of 100% of the needed  land and water.  All the production electricity for the hydrogen will come from the wind and solar resources.
  • The project property is owned by the project principals, other private landowners, the Colorado State Land Board, and Clear Creek County.  All are supportive of  the project as are 83% of county residents.
  • There are no wetlands or other significant environmental issues.
  • The project area is zoned for ‘Utility Scale Renewable energy” with a target of 1GW.
  • A unique part of this project is the experimental use of an old, hard-rock mine for the storage of hydrogen.

The project is expected to take about 30 months to move through front end engineering and design to the start of construction.


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Simpson Ridge, Wyoming

The Simpson Ridge Project will produce hydrogen from wind power.   The project is located near the town of Elk Mountain, Wyoming, on a ridge that is in an area of the highest accessible constant wind speeds in the United States.  The photo shows a potential layout of turbines.

  • The core project is an 80MW wind energy project on a 1,280 acre parcel along with an electrolysis system on a nearby parcel.
  • The system is expected to produce about 15,000kg/day green hydrogen (H2)
  • The land for the wind farm has been secured.
  • A substation and 34.4 KV powerline currently exist on the site and can be used by the project.
  • Building permits for wind projects on the site have been obtained twice and not built out.
  • The project is strategically aligned with and supported by the State of Wyoming and its energy transformation priorities.

The project is in core sage grouse habitat and efforts are underway to determine how to maintain and improve habitat under the project.