Press Release


April 23, 2023

Houston, Texas

The alliance recognizes Performance’s strengths as a powerhouse in mechanical cryogenic equipment, large-scale piping fabrication, construction, and more.

Performance Contractors, Inc. (Performance) has joined Bair Energy’sLogos of Clean Energy Holdings, Bair Energy and PerformanceContractors (BE) Renewable Energy and Technology Alliance. The Alliance platform is focused on liquid green hydrogen for mobility, aerospace and energy security for the United States. Associated with the Clean Energy  Holdings (CEH) project portfolio the alliance’s goal is to provide the U.S. with energy security, reliability, availability, and delivery and lead the cost competitive energy transformation with a focus on liquid green hydrogen domestically and globally.

Bair Energy’s backlog meets or exceeds the Alliances goals through 2028 currently with over $800M annually. Performance was selected to join the alliance due to its management, industry leadership, and track record of delivering on contracts. The alliance recognizes Performance’s key strengths as the industry powerhouse in mechanical cryogenic equipment with a focus on large-scale piping fabrication, construction contracting, start-up and commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

The core values of the Alliance are to provide community driven, long-lasting, cost-effective, vertically integrated turnkey solutions that ensure energy safety, security, reliability, availability, delivery, and environmental stewardship. Performance will focus on the alliance’s pipeline of projects in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, and California to meet the platform’s strategic goals.Photo of Neil Poospanen

Neil Piispanen (shown), BE Executive Sponsor, said, “We are honored to welcome Performance to the CEH portfolio of projects and the Bair Energy renewable energy and technology Alliance. Energy security is national security the Alliance looks forward to successfully continuing to deliver on contract.”

“Performance Contractors is a key industry leading edge Alliance partner in the design and fabrication of mechanical cryogenic equipment, including constructability, piping and installation, operations,” said Will Guckenburg, BE Senior Engineering Advisor

Ledon Green, Vice President of Performance Contractors stated, “Performance Contractors is excited and honored to be selected as part of this program. We look forward to using our 43 years of construction experience to be an instrumental piece of the Alliance partnership.”


Performance Contractors, Inc. (Performance) is a general industrial contractor that provides full-service construction through all phases of the industrial construction process—from site prep through start-up. Performance serves a wealth of industries – from chemical and power, to automotive and refinery – with construction, turnaround, and maintenance services that put safety and quality at the forefront of every project and decision. Founded in 1979, Performance serves clients nationally with over 8,000 employees. For further information:


Clean Energy Holdings (CEH) is a renewable energy and technology platform focused on developing, owning, and operating leading edge, innovative and reliable renewable energy and low carbon facilities. CEH is a technology centric platform and, with our Alliance Partners,provides turnkey solutions for innovative projects like Clear Fork Green Hydrogen, the second Green Hydrogen project brought forward by CEH. The CEH projects were carefully selected to lead various State and Regional initiatives aimed at bringing cost effective Green Hydrogen fuel to transportation corridors and industrial clients. For further information:


Bair Energy (BE) is a Program Management and Construction Management (PMCM) firm with afocus on renewable energy projects in both domestic and select international markets. In its PMCM role, Bair Energy manages and coordinates CEH platform concepts with practical projects to take advantage of benefits, like efficiencies of scale, not available to the projects individually. In addition, Bair Energy oversees construction of individual projects. In all roles, Bair Energy has embraced a philosophy for Health, Safety, and Environmental Excellence. For further information:

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