Cornelius Fitzgerald


Con has 15+ years of strategy design and execution experience focused in the Corporate Finance and early-stage Renewable Energy fields. He has lead teams for financial product design and national sales campaigns for Fortune 500 clients. As part of the top strategy group at a Fortune 50 bank, he lead and helped shape reorganization efforts for a $5B line of business as well as lead detailed execution for integration of new businesses in M&A activity.

Con is an excellent negotiator of both standard and complex agreements.  His ability to quickly study and understand the nuances of agreements, the interests and perspectives of the different stakeholder and the strategic options led to his role of leading Clean Energy Holdings in its early stage of development.

Con has a solid understanding of all aspects of renewables and a clear ability to explain these issues to different audiences.  His skill in strategy, financials and planning are solid foundations that help the company in many ways. He was instrumental in holding the company together during its exit from the renewable energy technology’s “Valley of Death”, skills and experiences which strengthen the character and brand of the company.