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February 16, 2023

Redmond, Washington

Clean Energy Holdings signs Translucent Energy to its Renewable Energy and Technology Alliance linking Liquid Green Hydrogen with leading Solar Technologies

Clean Energy Holdings and Translucent Energy LogosTranslucent Energy has been chosen to join the Clean Energy Holdings (CEH) Green Hydrogen and Technology Alliance for its strong expertise in management and leadership in renewable energy, i.e., solar development and technology, the development of facilities to be able to manufacture in the United States and from US government approved global supply chain locations or entities.  Additionally Translucent Energy has an ability to lead a marketplace and brings a track record of  delivering on contract.

The Translucent Energy team’s knowledge and experience, history of leading-edge projects, and track record in advancing technology in large scale renewable production facilities are key components for the Alliance. A core value and focus of the Alliance is Green Hydrogen mobility and aerospace delivery, with leading edge efficiencies to our customers. The Bair Energy (BE) basis for design, allows projects to be behind the meter (BTM), or inside the battery limits (ISBL), and participate in the design and deployment of the early stage Electrolyzer, large scale projects.  Additionally, the Alliance recognizes the significant responsibility to provide long-lasting (20+ year projects and vision), cost-effective, turnkey solutions, that ensure energy transformation has a basis for design that leads for generations in energy safety, security, reliability, availability, delivery and in environmental stewardship.

Peder Hansen

Peter Hansen

Peder Hansen BE VP Renewable Technology and Engineering said “We are pleased by the ability to get in the queue for these top tier manufacturers, specifically those leading technologies and advancing on our common goals for green hydrogen to remain at the forefront of energy transformation. Together, our Alliance manager Bair Energy with support of the Alliance Partners, including the recent addition of the Translucent Energy Team, have the experience, and best in class teams to continue to deliver on contract and meet our financial and environmental responsibilities and requirements and drive energy transformation and security both domestically and globally.”

Phillip Martin Translucent Energy COO said, “Translucent Energy is excited about the opportunity to support such an exciting project with our high-quality solar panels produced through our partnership with Philadelphia Solar USA. The Clear Fork project will be a

Photo of Phillip Martin

Phillip Martin

great representation of the impact you can make on global climate change by combining renewable energy technologies. Translucent Energy is proud to be a part of this project and will utilize the over 100 years of combined knowledge in the renewable energy industry to fully support the success of the Clear Fork project.”


Clean Energy Holdings (CEH) is a renewable energy and technology platform focused on developing, owning, and operating leading edge, innovative and reliable renewable energy and low carbon facilities. CEH is a technology centric platform and, with our Alliance Partners, provides turnkey solutions for innovative projects like Clear Fork Green Hydrogen, the second Green Hydrogen project brought forward by CEH. Further, the CEH projects have been carefully selected to lead various State and Regional initiatives aimed to bring cost effective Green Hydrogen fuel to transportation corridors as well as industrial clients. For further information: ​


Translucent Energy, Inc. is an independent, U.S.-based, photovoltaic solar energy provider, serving the full-spectrum of the market, including residential distributors and commercial, industrial, NGO, and government clients. As a company, they are focused on making energy independence a reality by offering exceptional-quality solar modules and storage solutions at competitive prices and providing innovative on- and off-grid smart infrastructure solutions. Their product lines are backed by over 50 years of combined company experience in PV manufacturing and renewable energy product integration, PV development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracting. For Further Information: ​


BE is a Program Management and Construction Management (PMCM) firm with a focus on renewable energy projects in both domestic and select international markets. In its PMCM role, Bair Energy manages and coordinates platform concepts with viable projects to take advantage of benefits, like efficiencies of scale, not available to the projects individually. In addition, Bair Energy oversees construction of individual projects. In all roles, Bair Energy has embraced a philosophy for Health, Safety, and Environmental Excellence. For further information:​

Bair Energy for Clean Energy Holdings