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June 24, 2022

Houston, Texas


The CEH Alliance – Leading Edge of Green Hydrogen

Clean Energy Holdings President, Cornelius Fitzgerald, announced on June 23, 2022: “The Clean Energy Holdings (CEH) Renewable Energy

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Cornelius Fitzgerald

and Technology Alliance (the Alliance) has approved Bair Energy to provide a Request for Information (RFI) for transformational hydrogen fuel cell Class 8 semitruck and storage trailer solutions. CEH is analyzing low and zero carbon solutions to transport our products from its Clear Fork Texas Project, a 250MW Renewable Power-to-Liquified Green Hydrogen facility in Texas. This transportation RFI was approved directly following the start of the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) award to our EPC partner, Equix Infrastructure, Inc., on June 14, 2022. All qualified parties are encouraged to respond and help prepare a solution to deliver our Liquified Green Hydrogen with the cleanest and most advanced transportation solutions available in the market.”

The baseline solution for product delivery uses traditional transportation options with our partner, Coast 2 Coast Logistics. However, we are strongly considering leading edge technologies to be able to deliver a fully green product solution to our customers. CEH is open to individual solutions or a more collaborative, long-term, opportunity with the broader set of Clean Energy Holdings Alliance partners. The goal is to thoughtfully develop a viable, 25-truck solution for this project, to be a template for green, Class 8 transport projects in the future.

Request for details:

Class 8 Tractors
This request seeks partners for the supply of Class 8 tractors to be used to tow trailers transporting the consumables as follows:

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Candice McGuire

• Water, to be conveyed with tankers from production wells to the electrolyzer generators using trailers with approximately 6,000-gallon water capacity;
• Hydrogen, liquefied at the generation site, will be towed up to 1,000 miles to the end-users;
• All solutions and equipment must meet DOT specifications.

The trailers will be loaded such that the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is just below the 80,000-pound limit. The hydrogen trailers are permitted loads, as the product is light, the trailer length may exceed 50 feet.

The tractor design is to allow a minimum range of 300 miles, and up to 1,000 miles, with 80,000-pound GVW. Environment in the Texas highlands region of expected operation includes weather below freezing, with transport travelling to altitudes up to 7,000 feet. The expected routing for a typical delivery is by surface routes, not interstate highways.

We are requesting a quote for up to 25 tractors, which will be required to accommodate the proposed 250MW installation. The first delivery of tractors is targeted for no later than third quarter of 2024, which is the project’s baseline schedule, Commercial Operations Date (COD). CEH understands that the 2024 timeline is an aggressive delivery for 25 hydrogen powered tractors and a phased implementation may be required.

The Clean Energy Holdings Alliance is in PreFEED analysis of other U.S. based projects, which would create additional demand for transportation solutions.

The submitted responses should discuss/include the following specifics:
• A hybrid configuration with lithium-ion battery energy storage is expected. Please discuss the battery size, function and charging;
• Brake air compression – Is to be by use of a quiet rotary compressor;
• Fuel cell – power, reliability and efficiency are valued;
• Fuel storage – Type 3 tankage preferred, with regulator pressure reduction in the fuel storage assembly. The fill port should include regulator inlet and outlet pressure gauges. Please note any restrictions on fill rate.

Prospective bidders for supply of tractors are urged to submit a technical description of the tractors and budgetary parameters to Bair Energy by July 30, 2022. If a respondent is unable to achieve project specifications, Bair Energy is requesting that respondent provide an alternative proposal with technical specifications and expected timelines which generally satisfy the requirements. Respondents shall also include any reference information for similar product implementations to enable Bair Energy to complete proper due diligence.

Any RFI responses should be sent to, in the Subject line please put C/O Candice McGuire CEH Transportation RFI. Thank you on behalf of Bair Energy and the CEH Alliance for consideration.

About Clean Energy Holdings
CEH is a renewable energy and technology platform focused on developing, owning, and operating leading edge, innovative and reliable renewable energy, low carbon facilities. CEH is a technology centric platform and, with our Alliance Partners, provides turnkey solutions for innovative projects. Further, the CEH projects have been carefully selected to lead various State and Regional initiatives aimed to bring cost effective Green Hydrogen fuel to transportation corridors as well as industrial clients.
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About Bair Energy
BE is a Program Management and Construction Management firm with a focus on renewable energy projects in both domestic and select international markets. In its PMCM role, Bair Energy manages, coordinates platform concepts with viable projects to take advantage of benefits, efficiencies of scale, not available to projects individually. In addition, BE oversees construction of projects. In all roles, BE has embraced a philosophy for Health, Safety, and Environmental Excellence.
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About Equix Inc.
Equix, Inc., is a privately held firm that develops employees and its portfolio of services in the technical, professional, and construction services industries across North America. Our companies are strategically located across the US with 27 corporate offices in 13 different states. We are also licensed to do business in over 30 states and focus on utility, infrastructure, parks and recreation, and renewable energy projects, Equix is a leader in full-service surveying, design, construction, and maintenance services to the broadband, electric, gas, heavy civil, government, pipeline, renewable energy, water, and wastewater markets.
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About ING Americas
ING Americas (ING) has been engaged by Clean Energy Holdings, LLC as its financial advisor in respect of the financing of projects by the Renewable Energy and Technology Alliance (The Alliance) being assembled by CEH. ING brings multiple areas of expertise to CEH’s Platform and projects including advisory services and leading the capital raising requirements for the project.
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