Press Release


August 7, 2023

Redmond, Washington


Bair Energy and Teal Energi announced today that the companies have agreed to create a North American strategic partnership to support the current green hydrogen complexes lead by Bair Energy and growing backlog of select industry leading clients such as Clean Energy Holdings LLC.

Bair Energy and Teal Energy LogosBair Energy is supported by proven program and construction management experience and is backed by its technological partners within its Green Hydrogen and Technology Alliance.  Together Bair Energy and the Alliance offers access to cutting-edge knowledge and innovations in the industry. The Bair Energy Team has accumulated a combined experience of building and operating over 1.3 billion standard cubic feet per day of Hydrogen complexes worldwide, including providing Program and Construction Management (PMCM) services for the Clear Fork Texas Green Hydrogen Project.

Teal Energi brings extensive experience supporting the successful execution and operation of major capital project investments. Teal Energi provides complete project lifecycle recruitment and contractor management support services from engineering, construction and commissioning to operations and maintenance. Through decades of experience in supporting large-scale energy projects, the Teal Energi team has gained a reputation for competence, reliability, dedication, and strong core values. Their wide network of skilled professionals, specifically in the field of clean energy, ensures direct and consistent access to top talent and specialized know-how to deliver quality technical and managerial recruitment and staffing services.

Through Teal Energi’s vast network of owners and operators, this association enables rapid creation and deployment of experienced resources, ensuring that projects progress efficiently and effectively. This collaboration emphasizes the provision of tailored and customer-focused solutions, ensuring that the unique needs of each project are met with precision and dedication.

Photo of Nicholas Bair

Nicholas Bair

“The historic strategic relationship between Bair Energy and Teal Energi will allow us to integrate our hydrogen and execution leading experience and continue to lead community driven green hydrogen complexes focused on reliability, safety, and sustainability driving energy transformation for the United States,” said Nicholas Ian Bair, Chief Executive Officer of Bair energy. “We will continue to expand our program management and construction management services to provide soup to nuts turnkey owner operators immediate market leading basis for design and technology solutions for green hydrogen complexes. This is really our response to the industry needs – giving the industry the much-needed ability for select clients to lead the continued delivery both domestically and internationally to lead sustainable and cost effective, reliable and secure energy transformation. Energy security is national security and we deliver on contract, thats what differentiates BE and our Alliance partners.”

Photo of Aaron Dowds

Aaron Dowds

“We are excited to join with Bair Energy and leverage our combined passion for clean energy to enhance our ability to deliver best-in-class services,” added Aaron Dowds, Chief Executive Officer of Teal Energi. “There is no doubt that, by working together, we can provide our clients with a strong, reliable, and scalable product.”

Bair Energy (BE) is a Program Management (PMCM) firm focusing on green hydrogen projects in domestic and select international markets where it oversees the development, engineering, financing, and execution of individual projects. Bair Energy also manages and coordinates the technology platform Clean Energy Holdings, which is focused on safe and cost-effective community-driven green hydrogen complexes through the complete operational project lifecycle.
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Teal Energi is a technical workforce provider with extensive experience in staffing capital projects within the energy industry, with a strong focus on clean energy. Based in Houston, TX, and with satellite operations across North America, Teal Energi is well positioned to support client needs throughout the project lifecycle, whenever and wherever they are needed.
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