About Us

Clean Energy Holdings LLC

The CEH Platform

Clean Energy Holdings is more than a company. It is a platform designed to identify and vet projects for our growing portfolio and lead the best projects to construction and operation. As CEH clears and adopts these projects our platform Program Management and Construction Management (PMCM) associates at Bair Energy LLC  go to work prioritizing them and guiding them through the environmental and permitting processes, through design and engineering, through construction and into profitable operation.

Key to this effort is CEH’s cadre of platform partners. These are companies that help us drive effective and efficient execution. They include:

New Technologies

CEH continuously identifies new technologies and incorporates them into projects whenever appropriate.

Major Benefits

The CEH platform offers major benefits to investors.

  • CEH is able to offer a wide range of new projects, in all phases of development.
  • CEH executes with the best partners in the world
  • Investors can choose projects that best  complement their investment strategies
Liquid H2 Tanker
The Earth as seen from space.
Solar Panels
Liquid H2 Tanker
H2 Tanker Trailer